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Video Games Cruise Ships - Pirate Ships - Parachutes - Jet Ski - Ship Docking - Jet Boats and more!

  • If you are crazy for cruising, you are going to love our new free, online cruise video games section. Try out your favorite cruise excursion in a video game or build your own cruise ship into a high revenue business operation. Play for fun, play often. It's free, brought to you by Live Cruise Ship Tracker.
  • Stream Fighter - Surfing video game, similar to the artificial water surfing sport, (use arrow keys) Flow Rider on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line cruise ships
  • Ultimate Cruise - Run your own Cruise Ship, good graphics and features.
  • Paradise Island - Wind Surfing, (with your mouse) soar into the air, ride lifts, avoid obstacles like buoys and rock formations to grab rays of sunshine. Cool, fun cruise ship excursion simulation.
  • Pirates Last Adventure - Guide the pirate ship (with your mouse) to collect treasures and avoid obstacles
  • Blue Harbor Parking - The game creators call it "parking" we know it as docking, anchoring and getting ready to tender passengers ashore. Hit the spot with your (use arrow keys) boat with exact precision
  • Escape 3 D - The Ship - Ghost ship, ferry has been left to drift at sea. Be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Jet Ski Racing - Fun, easy to learn jet ski game, (use arrow keys) focused on speed, jumps and avoiding obstacles. Cool, fun cruise ship excursion simulation.
  • Kayak King - White water river trip on kayak, (use arrow keys)
  • River Rush - Pilot a speed boat, (use arrow keys) avoiding obstacles. Cool, fun cruise ship excursion simulation.
  • Docking Adventure 2 - Pick up all the passengers (use arrow keys) and deliver them, avoiding obstacles without crashing
  • Risky 'Freefall - Open you parachute at just the right time, (with your mouse) to move up in game levels. Cool, fun cruise ship excursion simulation.
  • Rampaging Creek - river rafting
  • Polar Bear Crossing - Help polar bears cross (with your mouse) the open water, using ice flows to bounce they to shore
  • Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse - Unleash a powerful arsenal of weapons in this post apocalyptic zombie shoot 'em up. Collect points by investigating and solving problems in this strange place. Non-linear RPG and action adventure.

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